Dent Repairs

From the smallest dings to huge unsightly dents any time a vehicle’s body is dented it affects both its aesthetic appearance and potentially its structural viability – even the smallest dents rust quickly and easily – and so expert autobody dent repair is a must.

At Kay Parks we have been dealing with dents for decades and expert knowledge has been passed on from one generation of technicians to the next so that every member of our team is as comfortable working on an older vehicle with its sturdier, heavier body as they are with a new, lightweight model.

Paintless Dent Removal

Although we will do whatever is necessary to ensure that your vehicle leaves our shop dent and ding free wherever possible we will make use of paintless dent removal for maximum speed, efficiency and overall appearance.

​What is paintless dent removal? It’s a newer technique that does away with the need for fillers, sanding and painting that is completed quickly and seamlessly from the inside out. It takes some serious skill to execute effectively, that’s for sure, but that is exactly what our expert technicians have.  The Advantages of Paintless Dent Removal:

It saves time, as many jobs can be completed in hours rather than days.

  • It saves you money, as less time in the shop means fewer charges on your bill.
  • It maintains the integrity of your vehicle’s original finish.

Paintless dent removal is not suitable, or even possible, in every situation but our technicians will take the time to determine the very best method – or methods – to use to make sure that your dented and dinged up vehicle rolls out of the shop looking like nothing ever happened to it in the first place.