Automotive Detailing

Waxing Services

Why have your car waxed if you are pretty diligent about keeping it clean? According to most experts, ‘treating’ your vehicle by a professional hand waxing 2-4 times a year offers an invaluable extra layer of protection that not only helps it look better longer but to retain more of its value as well. An unwaxed car is far more susceptible to paint fading and scratch damage, so allowing Kay Parks Autobody – Car Detailing Tacoma to give your vehicle an expert wax is not a luxury, it’s an investment in the useful life of your car.

Headlight Restoration

Which would you prefer; spotting a road hazard 400 feet away when travelling at 60 mph or failing to see it until it is just 100 feet away (or less?) The fact is, that that is the difference in visibility between a vehicle equipped with sparkling clean headlights and one with headlights that are covered in grime, dust and other road debris?

The Kay Parks Headlight Restoration Service is an expert process that gently and effectively cleans the polycarbonate your car’s headlights are made from, ridding them of dirt, dust and sun and rain damage that is impossible to avoid. The end result is clean, clear headlights that will make your night driving safer and easier.

Hard Water Stain Removal

You probably know that hard water is a problem in your home, but did you know that it can be a real problem for your car as well? As hard water contains all kinds of potentially harmful trace minerals and irritants when your car is exposed to it – in the form of rain, or dirty wash water – the hard water stains that are often left behind are not only unsightly but they can damage your vehicle’s paint as well. At Kay Parks Autobody we will remove all of those stains and ensure that your car’s finish is shiny and squeaky clean.

Interior Detailing

You ride in your car. Your family rides in your car. Chances are you all eat and drink in the car. Maybe even the dog travels in the car. The fact is that the interior of any car can be a pretty grimy place. You wouldn’t let your living room stay that way, so why allow your car’s interior to, especially if, like most of us, you spend a lot of time in it?

The Kay Parks Interior Detailing team will shampoo, vacuum, polish, buff and dust the interior of your car until it’s as clean any room in your home and smells just as good too!

Paint Scratch Removal

There are few things as upsetting for a proud car owner than seeing a big – or small – scratch suddenly marring the look of their vehicle. And scratches can do more than that, as deeper marks may eventually discolor and rust, making things even worse. At Kay Parks Autobody our expert technicians can remove paint scratches quickly and effectively to the point that you’ll never know they were ever there.