Autobody Repair

Although any car is constructed from metals that look tough and durable, all it takes is a single, sudden impact to demonstrate how easily damaged even the toughest of vehicles can be. The good news is that Kay Parks Autobody Repair Tacoma is here to help make things right and restore your vehicle to its former glory.

To make things right, crunched fenders, dented doors, twisted frames, we can handle it all and more. Our technicians are certified, experienced and dedicated and, working with our state of the art systems and equipment we strive to satisfy all expectations for the repair.

Refinishing & Automotive Paint

After the major repairs are complete in most cases in order to fully restore the vehicle repainting and refinishing are the final steps in the auto repair process. Auto paint is crucial both to the look and the function of any vehicle and color matching and expert application are musts.

Our paint systems are similar to the factory systems, which, along with our technicians’ skill, will help ensure  your vehicle’s finish will come out as good as new.

Glass Replacement & Repair

Not all autobody repair shops are equipped to handle glass repair and replacement so the work has to be outsourced, delaying the repair. At Kay Parks Autobody we can repair or replace cracked or broken windows and windshields efficiently and expertly in-house. ​